Enduro is a discipline of downhill mountain bike racing in which riders are timed on multiple specific sections of trail over the course of a race day. Enduro events consist of multiple timed downhill stages separated by “transfers” where riders must ride up to the beginning of the next stage within a time limit.

The cumulative times of all the timed downhill stages determine a rider’s overall time and finishing position in the event. 

Enduro racing offers technical, but accessible downhill racing at venues without lift-access!

Race registration for the 2024 series is available through each individual race organizer. You can register for each event from the links on our “2024 Events” page!


You can participate in any or all of the Ontario Enduro Series events! There is no requirement to ride the entire series, you can pick and choose the events that fit your season!

Ontario Enduro series events do not require riders to hold an OC membership or UCI racing license. Events will feature independent waivers and event insurance.

Enduro Racing has a focus on downhill riding. While terrain, trail difficulty and optimal gear setup will vary, It is recommended that riders use full suspension mountain bikes with a minimum of 130mm of suspension travel. 

Check out series sponsor Bateman’s Bicycle Company for a great selection of OES approved mountain bikes!

Enduro races can be long, challenging days on the bike. Being prepared with the right gear make all the difference. Our reccomended accessories are: 

-MTB specific helmet (Convertible full-face helmets are recommended)

-Hydration/hip pack (For carrying tools, water and nutrition)

-MTB gloves

-Race nutrition (staying fuelled out on the trails will set you up for success!)

Each race in the series is a chance to earn series points! Ontario Enduro series standings will be determined from riders’ best 5 race results. You do not need to participate in all 9 races to be entered in the series standings! 

Series Points distribution will follow the following structure: 

1st place: 100pts

2nd place: 85pts

3rd place: 75pts

4th place: 70pts 

5th place: 69pts

6th place: 68pts

7th place: 67pts etc…

Men’s & Women’s Under-20, Open (any age), and 45+ age categories will be awarded!

The Ontario Enduro Series is a 9 race mountain bike series. The events take place at a range of great venues across Ontario. Our goal at OES is to get more people on bikes and foster the growth of Enduro Racing in Ontario! 

We’ve partnered with a range of experienced MTB event organizers across the province to put on an awesome series of enduro events this year.

By partnering with OES, race organizers get access to professional timing gear, marketing & promotional services, industry sponsors and event expertise. All of this comes together to offer riders bigger, better and higher quality enduro events!